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How you can donate and support OUR organization

S.E.R. contribution

You can contribute to the maintenance of the Spiritist Center and our activities by donating via Paypal. You can schedule a monthly or an one-time-only donation.

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S.E.R. Social Donations

You can contribute to the Spiritist Center's current social campaign and fundraisings by donating via Square.  

The contributions to S.E.R. Atlanta are used to maintain the Spiritist center property costs, such as mortgage and utilities, as well as costs to support the needs of the classes and activities available for the attendees and students. 

The donations to S.E.R. Social will be directed to the campaigns that are currently listed on the donation's page. They change periodically.

here is how you're making a difference:

Spiritist Enlightenment and Renewal (S.E.R.) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in Georgia. We rely on donations to keep the center running and promote its activities and initiatives. All the work at S.E.R. is done by volunteers, including the board of directors. We attach a detailed monthly financial statement to the bulletin board at S.E.R.’s entrance. Please, feel free to reach out and ask for a digital copy of it. 

Contributions to S.E.R.:

  • Property & Maintenance Costs  

  • Children's Sunday Activities & Education

  • courses & Workshops

Contributions to S.E.R. Social: 

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